1. Trending – Moroccan Interior Inspiration for Summer 2017

    We’ve been sifting through the latest interior magazines and checking out the blogs to see what’s hot for Summer 2017. We found that global style interiors are gaining popularity specifically with a nod towards Moroccan inspiration. The beauty of this trend is its vast array of colours and bohemian aesthetics gives you plenty of options for styling in your home.

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  3. Chic Décor Ideas For Creating a More Unique Home Office

    In this modern age, the idea of a home office seems to invoke images of sharp, minimal offices with dull, uniform furniture.  Hardly the place you would like to spend your working day.

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  4. Make A Feature Of Your Hallway

    The hallway is the first place that you’ll see when you walk into a home, but sometimes it is the most neglected in terms of décor.  Your hallway makes the first impression of your home, which is why it is important to make sure that it looks fantastic, and compliments the rest of your décor.

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  5. Pride and Prejudice - Use Pieces from the Georgian White Collection To Get the Austin Look At Home.

    Pride and Prejudice  - Use Pieces from the Georgian White Collection To Get the Austin Look At Home.
    georgianwhitefurniture How many times have you sat and watched a period drama and thought ‘That house is beautiful, I wish I had some of those pieces’?  If you’re anything like us, quite a few times I imagine!  This year celebrated 200 years since Pride and Prejudice was first published, which led to many of us re-watching the classic BBC series as well as the more recent Keira Knightley version, which only further ignited our desires for gorgeous, grand furnishings worthy of a Mr Darcy’s attention.  Luckily for you, Beau Décor has some beautiful furniture available to help you recreate the look of a classic novel, and the Georgian White Collection in particular is a timeless collection per
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  6. Lock it Away – Storage Solutions To Help Keep Your Room Looking Chic and Clean

    Lock it Away – Storage Solutions To Help Keep Your Room Looking Chic and Clean
    As the old saying goes ‘a tidy house is a tidy mind’, which we all know is great in theory but hectic schedules, children, guests and general busyness can mean that our homes become filled with clutter, which isn’t ideal for presenting your beautiful French chateau inspired décor or making your home look just plain ‘shabby’ as opposed to ‘shabby chic’.  Clever storage is the simplest way to avoid having your home look like unkempt and unorganized and is also a fabulous way to introduce gorgeous new furniture items into your home.  We take a look at some of the best storage furniture to satisfy different rooms of your home which could use a little bit of an update and de-clutter. Elizabeth Stone
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  7. Old Hollywood Glamour – The New Inspiration for Bedroom Décor

    Even today’s most beautiful stars can’t quite match the old Hollywood glamour of screen Oldhollywoodicons like Jean Harlow, Grace Kelly and Rita Hayworth.  On and off camera they oozed allure and femininity from their make-up and clothes right down to their homes.  Classic films are filled with shots of opulent bedrooms featuring luxury fabrics and furniture and this has provided us with inspiration for our own ‘Old Hollywood’ bedroom and re-creating the looks of years gone by.   oldhollywood2

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  8. Shabby Chic Kitchens – The Perfect Look for Easter

    Easter is the perfect time to give your kitchen a makeover.  As well as providing you with a much needed four day weekend, it’s the time of year where pastels and creamy shades are out in force and the imminent spring weather (we hope!) will inspire us to take to the kitchen to bake some delicious treats.  One of the key looks this spring is for a shabby chic kitchen, featuring décor and furniture inspired by the look of Parisian cafés of trendy London coffee shops.  It’s a look that is easy to replicate at home and gives your kitchen a warm and welcoming vibe.

    BB411Shabby chic kitchens are all about vintage wooden styles which feature slightly worn looks for a classic feel that adds character and wa

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  9. All Dressed in White – Use Elegant White Furniture to Create Stylish Looks for Your Home

    isabelle white furniture copyThere was a time that white furniture was bought to be painted over with other colours according to people’s tasted and existing colour schemes – but today, white furniture is proving to be more popular than ever. Beau Décor’s Isabelle range features some fantastic affordable pieces to help transform your home, and give it a fresh look. White goes well with most colour schemes and popular current trends include monochrome as well as white and pastel colours (think pink, green, blue and yellow) or can be teamed with metallic such as gold and silver to create luxury interiors.  Mix and match with other furniture colours for shabby chic or invest in ma
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  10. Mother’s Day – Show your mum that you care by turning her home into a beautiful French style retreat.

    bdmothersday copy     The 10th of March marks Mother’s Day, unsure what to buy this year? Chocolate, flowers, large cuddly teddy bear…we’ve thought of some fantastic ideas for an alternate gift to show how much you care.  Give your mum's home an update and turn it into a beautiful and elegant space filled with chic French décor and thoughtful touches.  She’ll be sure to appreciate the gesture and the thoughtfulness that has gone into putting together such a wonderful present. Your budget may not allow for a complete re-decoration, but investing in one stylish item can create a lot of impact and add something extra to a room.  A beautiful white bookcase like our
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