In this modern age, the idea of a home office seems to invoke images of sharp, minimal offices with dull, uniform furniture.  Hardly the place you would like to spend your working day.  There is a solution however, and using some elegant, stylish home décor can transform your home office space into something far more pleasing and interesting, changing your study or office into a more personal, relaxed space which will in turn make you more productive and work harder.

Desk Ideas

A vintage style dressing table can double up nicely as a desk, as it will feature plenty of drawers and storage space and will be wide enough to accommodate you PC or laptop, as well as additional desk essentials such as a lamp or desk tidy. If you’re after something more ornate and don’t necessarily need the drawers, a console table is another great idea, and will be perfect for smaller spaces without much room.  NN109You can match these to a range of chair options, either by going for a coordinating chair or something in a different style for a more on trend, ‘shabby chic’ look.


You’ll be surprised at how well luxury French style storage furniture can be used in an office.  You may think that it is designed strictly for bedrooms or living rooms but elegant French styles will give your office or study a polished, contemporary look which will show off your flair for interesting décor.

Try a chic, antique-style sideboard in a neutral colour such as white and cream which can then be matched easily with the rest of the office’s theme.  Choosing lighter coloured furniture creates the illusion of a brighter, more spacious room and sideboards are ideal for hiding away folders and binders and other office clutter to give your study a clean, polished ambience.

 Get Creative with Wall Décor

Whether you’re looking to glam up your existing office with a few extra touches or go all out with the classic décor look, there are many things you can do with wall decoration to give it an elegant update.  Decorative mirrors, for example, can bring some light into a room and make it look more spacious and open whilst choosing an ornate frame will give your office a stylish touch. 

Adding some unique pieces such as signs and canvasses are a great way to inject some personal style into your office or study.  We particularly love the idea of those with slogans and text which can help to motivate you throughout the day.  This could not only help you feel more positive environment but also give you and any other colleagues or clients something more interesting to look at than plaques, certificates and charts.

A home office/study using classic or French inspired furniture is a great way to give it a revamp and show off your fantastic taste.  The result will be a more attractive and inspiring space where you will feel ready and willing to work and enjoy your beautiful new surroundings.  Check out Beau Décor’s fantastic range of elegant, stylish furniture here.